Every netfishes design package is….( enter cliffhanger phrase here )!!

You’re on sale and you’re on sale and you’re on sale! Every netfishes design package is on sale!! No better way to spread some netfishes leftover valentines love than to drop our design packages by a whopping 20-30%!! That’s right, we are dropping our rates for a VERY LIMITED TIME so if you have given […]

What has two knees and smells like a ( bad ) fish joke?

It’s time for another bad fish joke friday and oh man, if only the last one was, well…the last one but no, you don’t get better at things by giving up! And ( bad ) fish jokes are no exception. In our continued effort to bring you quality bad fish jokes we introduce the second […]

We know what your thinking; What ever happened with that whole ‘new door’ story?

Many times over we have placed fresh graphics on the storefront of our fellow friends in business but this was a first for ourselves. We were holding off with the dressing our door until a planned upgrade ( learn more here ) took place. Since that was done, then close behind was this little but […]

Krista Haskins of Spirit Junction Boutique

Say hello to our friend Krista Haskins, fellow entrepreneur and owner of Spirit Junction Boutique a spirit store located in Carl Junction, MO. They offer unique and great looking school spirit wear, hats, custom hat patches, game day apparel, & much more. Krista and Spirit Junction were the winner of our 2022 Birth-Month Giveaway! This […]

A ( flipped ) view from inside

Such an interesting effect as the light passes through the newly installed tinted door & vinyl lettering of our office. That’s even without mentioning that beast of historical engineering known as the Jasper County Courthouse, aka the Carthage Square, tucked in nicely within the netfishes monogram. You can see this wonderful view by scheduling an […]

We’re beefing up security.

These days you really cannot be too careful so we, as usual, threw all conventional thinking out the door and prematurely beefed up our security situation with this sassy lil’ chihuahua. Don’t let her look fool you, when provoked you will be taken down…with smooches! Say hello to Mali, intermittent security at netfishes. Since our […]

We got a new door!

They say celebrate every win and we have no qualms in abusing that sentiment! Some may not know but when you would stop to visit your friends at netfishes the door may have been locked behind you. We’ll you’ll be relieved to know that we were not in fact taking you prisoner. Turns out our […]

Customer service that at any moment could begin winning awards.

Who wouldn’t want that, right?! You can count on us to be there! Whether we’re watching from behind a tree or any other large objects you can always count on quality customer service. #shirtideas #badideas #sillyadsseriousbusiness #smallbusiness #shoplocal #entrepreneurs #carthagemo #joplinmo #417local #webbcitymo #carljunction #pittsburgks #miamiok

Employee of the year 2023 is…

At netfishes it’s become a nearly yearly netfishes tradition to choose the netfishes team member that best represents the netfishes mission and this year is no netfishes exception!! netfishes is excited to announce that netfishes team member earning our highest honor of Employee of the Year is: Rex Maximillian Shark aka Sharkasaurus Rex! About the […]

Bad ( fishes ) Jokes, Here We Come!

We have decided to run a limited series of posts titled netfishes Totally Believable #funfishfacts and if you were anticipating bad jokes, well then you are on to something! You may ask yourself, “Why? Why would the most reputable web, design, and print business-fishes in the world, nay the galaxy, want to do something so […]

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