Happy Birthmonth to Us and a Website Giveaway!

ENTER NOW TO WIN!!! Happy December & what else, lets see…. Oh yeah!! HAPPY BIRTHMONTH TO US!!! December 3rd marked our 10th year in business and turns out, no one can really believe it except the government!! They have us on file and like JG Wentworth, they want there money and they want it now!!! […]

Happy ‘Fish/November related joke for a title’ month!!

What once was October is now November and the end of 2023 looms. Lé sad. 😢 So, have you gotten all your Christmas shopping finished yet?! Accomplished all your business goals set out to complete before the end of thos year?! If your answer to either of those is yes, then you might be in […]

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2023

Today, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we honor the cultures and history of Native American People. In celebration of this day we asked Midjourney AI to imagine a fish who celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day. What resulted were these four vibrantly colorful images clearly inspired by artwork of Indigenous People.

Leanna Canfield Executive Director of Vision Carthage

Say hello to our friend Leanna Canfield! Also, please help us in congratulating her in being recently named the new executive director of Vision Carthage, an organization the focuses it’s efforts to beautify and revitalizing the city of Carthage, MO. Our meeting today centered marketing opportunities, community awareness, and more and we are excited to […]

netfishes, Joplin Edition, Now Available!!

We are thrilled to announce that netfishes has officially expanded its presence to the vibrant city of Joplin, MO! As of October 2nd, 2023, our new location on 1208 South Main Street is available by appt 10A – 4P. This marks a significant milestone for our company, and we couldn’t be more excited to expand […]

Goodbye Summer, Hello Joplin!

Alas, we say goodbye to our old, beautiful friend, summer. School’s back in session with most folks returning to the normalcy of their routines. It’s a somber time, at least for this author, to reflect on great memories made with close friends and family that have that rich, savory feeling to be cherished for a […]

Labor Day 2023

Happy Labor Day to all of our hardworking business friends!! We asked Midjourney AI the question; imagine a fish that is celebrating labor day, resulting in these four epically beautiful fishes. Which of these fish is your favorite?

Introducing, a Stripe & Wave Accounting Integration.

Building a custom user interface, a billing system, and an order process with no real basis to start from can be quite the taxing and time consuming venture but we prevail!! netfishes is excited to announce Connect Stripe & Wave Accounting, the latest addition to our integration platform Connect by netfishes ( learn more here […]

Get 10% Off Business Cards with your first online order.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, get 10% off your first order of business cards placed on our shop site. Use coupon code firstorder at checkout. Be sure to visit the link below to learn more about this ultra-affordable marketing tool. Message us for ??s or learn more about/get this offer by visiting -> https://netfish.es/50for1000

Happy Independence Day 2023

Today we celebrate the birth of our great nation and the hard-fought freedoms that we enjoy. Have a safe and memorable holiday. Image generated using Midjourney artificial intelligence.

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