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protect your personal identity with free domain privacy


free domain privacy

A silhouette of a door illustrating the free privacy provided on all available domains by netfishes

domain privacy

keep your personal information out of the WHOIS database (on available domains).

an arrow curling back on itself to represent a return illustrating domain redirection of domains by netfishes

domain redirection

point your domain anywhere

an line drawing of an envelope illustrating email redirects that come with all domains by netfishes

email redirection

forward your email to an address of your choosing.

a line drawing of a computer to illustrate the dns management user-friendlines of domains by netfishes

dns management

use your domain however you’d like.


same price as registrations

come on in the water's fine

every transfer includes:

  • remaining time with your previous registrar
  • free domain privacy
  • 2 free emails
  • email redirects
  • domain management
  • domain forwarding

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