Leanna Canfield Executive Director of Vision Carthage

Say hello to our friend Leanna Canfield! Also, please help us in congratulating her in being recently named the new executive director of Vision Carthage, an organization the focuses it’s efforts to beautify and revitalizing the city of Carthage, MO.

Our meeting today centered marketing opportunities, community awareness, and more and we are excited to see watch them grow through making efforts to improve our community. Some of those efforts include:

  • Plant flowers & trees downtown
  • Provide art for our community (including murals & sculptures)
  • Repair homes in Carthage
  • Improve facades for Downtown property owners
  • Sponsor & Support Downtown Events like “Treats on the Square” & the widely popular “Hometown Holidays”
  • Parking lot renovations
  • And more…

Link to Vision Carthage -> https://www.visioncarthage.org

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