Summer Lovin’, Spam in the Air

Summer vibes, sunscreen, and a sprinkle of spam – it’s the recipe for a sizzling June! While you’re catching those rays, take a moment to catch a glimpse of the sunburnt spam in your folder. It’s like a vacation for your virtual mailbox! ️ #SummerSpamFling #SunsoakedFilter #ClaudeMonet #June Why not welcome June with a quick […]

Tip #10 for Securing your Business Online

If your business is online ( which most businesses should be ), just be sure to subscribe to a channel that will provide you with some level of info in the tech world. You never know what value will come.

May the Spam Be With You

In a galaxy far, far away… lies your spam folder! This May, channel your inner Jedi and embark on a spam-seeking mission. Who knows, you might just find a message from the Spampire Strikes Back! ⚔️ #MayTheSpamBeWithYou #GalacticFilter #GeorgiaO’Keeffe #May Why not welcome May with a quick check of your spam folder? This is a […]

Fool’s Gold (and Spam)

April showers bring May flowers, and apparently, they also bring a shower of spam! Don’t be fooled by the promises of riches and fame – your spam folder is the true treasure trove. Give it a peek, just for kicks and giggles! ️ #AprilFoolsSpam #FoolishFilter #SalvadorDali #April Why not welcome April with a quick check […]

Shamrock Your Spam!

Leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and… spam? This St. Patrick’s Day, follow the rainbow to your spam folder and discover the ‘pot of not-so-gold.’ Maybe you’ll find a lucky offer that’s worth its weight in spam! #ShamrockYourSpam #StPatricksFilter #WesAnderson #March Why not welcome March with a quick check of your spam folder? This is a gentle monthly […]

Love Notes (and Spam)

Roses are red, violets are blue, your spam folder is full of surprises – just for you! This Valentine’s, show your spam some love and sift through those digital love letters from mysterious princes and long-lost relatives. Who needs Cupid when you’ve got spam? #LoveAndSpam #ValentinesFilter #AlfredSteiglitz #February Why not welcome February with a quick […]

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