Happy ‘Fish/November related joke for a title’ month!!

What once was October is now November and the end of 2023 looms. Lé sad. 😢

So, have you gotten all your Christmas shopping finished yet?!

Accomplished all your business goals set out to complete before the end of thos year?!

If your answer to either of those is yes, then you might be in the small batch of people who may have it “too together”, if such a thing….were a thing.

As usual, I digress but now on netfishes stuff you’ll care more about!

This time of year is our slower time and we use these last remaining weeks of the year to do some business building. In the coming weeks we will be making some announcements that include further growth, some greater focus on the parts of us that we enjoy, and launch our, now becoming yearly, birthday giveaway.

Given that this is the month of giving thanks we wish to take the time to say thank you to all of those who’ve taken a chance on and continue to support us fishes.

It means world to us to be able to do our thing. We are forever grateful.

Happy ( very early but we don’t care ) Thanksgiving!!

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