Snowmageddapocolypse 2022! Will we make it?

Yeah, it’s cold! Right now it is -1° F here in Carthage, MO but we are staying warm and taking in the beauty in it all. So, like ( weird ) proud parents we had to take a moment to admire our office with it’s snow-capped window & door sills and it’s view for the […]

Scott Hoenshell of S&S Computers

Say hello to our friend Scott Hoenshell of S&S Computers in Carthage, MO. S&S Computers has been providing quality computer repair, data backup solutions, wireless networks, security, disaster recovery & general troubleshooting to homes & businesses in the Joplin/Carthage and surrounding Southwest Missouri communities for over an impressive 28 years. In 2021, S&S Computers took […]

Shawn Riley at Eagle Eye Printing

Say hello to our friend Shawn Riley, owner & designer at Eagle Eye Printing in Joplin, MO. With over 33 years of experience in the printing business, you really can count on them! Of which, we can preach! Working together with those who traditionally might be seen as competition can limit your companies ability to […]

Available Soon!

Beginning October 3rd, 2022 we alien life forms known globally as the Biz Pop sensation, netfishes, will be landing at our first ever brick & mortar location next to Woody’s Glass in our historic hometown of Carthage, MO. So, in proper fishes-fashion, we threw together a quick song to go along. INFO ABOUT OUR OFFICE […]

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