HPXpress: Design & Development

What is HPXpress?

Simply put, they are a regional courier service.


Our friends at HPXpress made things pretty easy for us by handing us some rough ideas and jumped off from there. Projects like these are fun in a different way than those that are from scratch, the designer gets to take the pieces that already exist and perfect them. Choose fonts that are


DESIGN: This single-page site’s primary function to inform potential customer’s about HPXpress‘ delivery services, where they deliver, and to provide quotes. The color blue is the primary color for call to actions.

DEVELOPMENT: Building HPXpress gave us the opportunity to integrate with getswift’s delivery management software. The quote generator pulls HPXpress‘ realtime pricing over the getswift API. It’s a pretty simple yet extremely useful integration that allows HPXpress to focus on delivering and less sending custom quotes. About a year after launch, further development was done to provide current customers with an order history and reorder option. These features required additional integration with getswift’s API.

Visit HPXpress.us

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