What’s behind door number June?

A couple of things you can count on from your ( quickly becoming 😜 ) best friends in business is an update title that probably makes no sense with some sort of intermittent update about any modifications to our tiny lil fish bowl of an office. So it’s June and we’re ready to go so, […]

Bethany Foster of Smokey Bros Smoked Hot Sauce

Say hello to our friend Bethany Foster. She and her husband, Billy, are the power couple behind some of the absolute best Midwest manufactured BBQ sauce, Smokey Bros Smoked Hot Sauce. How do we know that? Because we fishes swim gleefully in the sauces of hot and are willing to put our entire hot sauce […]

May gets a big ol’ thumbs up from us, on the beach?

Spring is in full swing and we are loving it!!! So much, we’ve picked up the , apparently, entire office and hit the road with some incredible peculiar causal wear all in an effort to set up this photo from our new beachfront multi-monitored desk. It may seem weird and rightfully so because, and brace […]

Gino Mitchel of Mitchell’z Munchiez

Say hello to our friend Gino Mitchell, owner/operator of Mitchell’z Munchiez mobile food service and catering company. Gino is a young Joplin, MO based entrepreneur who, with his wife, Kendria, built and serve unique and delicious funnel cake infused deserts like deep fried Twinkies, deep fried ding dongs, funnel fried pickles and more at events […]

Turning a ( comedy ) corner OR just stretching our legs with jellyfish inspired jokes?

It’s o-FISH-al, friends, we’ve jumped the shark with this grade school effort but who doesn’t love a good PB&J?! If YOoUuu have a PROBLEM with peanut butter and/or JELLY…well, that’s ok ’cause maybe you got an allergy or just have other nutritional preferences and that’s ok! We completely understand they aren’t for everybody but look […]

Business Cards $50 for 1,000

These business cards by netfishes are printed on high-quality 16pt cardstock available in beautiful full-color front and/or back options with a gloss or matte finish. Turnaround Times Standard turnaround is 7 – 10 Business days from proof approval. Expedited options available upon request. Rounded corners are available for additional rates. **Offer good for print ready […]

What’s up with the fishes, April Edition?

Sadly, for this month’s “business health” update we have to announce that we have no new door related news but that doesn’t mean it’s been slow! Beyond taking photos that do absolutely nothing to advance our companies public appearance, we have been hard at work blowing our hair back with taxes ( mmm! frickin love […]

Maybe the only thing that makes this joke worse is wondering why we would keep publishing these?

Bringing ( low ) quality jokes back like “old wounds” with laughs so hard they hurt. Am I Right? Hello? 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 Welcome to the comedy trenches folks! It’s rough out there but we appreciate you grinding it out with us during this period when the jokes are terrible, no one is really laughing, but our […]

Every netfishes design package is….( enter cliffhanger phrase here )!!

You’re on sale and you’re on sale and you’re on sale! Every netfishes design package is on sale!! No better way to spread some netfishes leftover valentines love than to drop our design packages by a whopping 20-30%!! That’s right, we are dropping our rates for a VERY LIMITED TIME so if you have given […]

What has two knees and smells like a ( bad ) fish joke?

It’s time for another bad fish joke friday and oh man, if only the last one was, well…the last one but no, you don’t get better at things by giving up! And ( bad ) fish jokes are no exception. In our continued effort to bring you quality bad fish jokes we introduce the second […]

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