Four, gridded Midjourney AI ith the mages made with the topic Check your spam , the Title Thanks-spam-ing, and artist Alfred Hitchcock
Turkey, mashed potatoes, and spam – a true Thanksgiving feast for the senses! While you’re giving thanks for family and friends, spare a moment to appreciate the unsung hero of your inbox: spam. Who needs pumpkin pie when you can have ‘pumpkin-spam’? #ThanksSpamming #GratefulFilter #AlfredHitchcock #November

Why not welcome November with a quick check of your spam folder? This is a gentle monthly reminder from your fellow ( web ) friends in business. ( because we forget sometimes, too. )

Which image do you think fits the theme best?

DISCLAIMER: This image was generated using #midjourney #ai and is for entertainment purposes only and was generated using the following prompt: a social media image in the style of Alfred Hitchcock for the month of November using the topic ‘Check your spam’ and title ‘Thanks-spam-ing’

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