July, vacation why? Because you tan.

With summer in full swing it can be real real real real real hard to want to stay focused on the work. Like, really hard. Like, so hard you might even find yourself just itching to check out a few hours early. Probably, on a Friday. Then immediately going home, jamming a weekends worth of gear into your bag, and sprinting out the door, wind whipping through your hair, for a much needed trip to the lake with friends and family.

That happen to you, too? Weird!?

( Don’t worry, though, we worked extra hard during the week to ‘totally bring it’ for our friends in business but then at weekend time, without hesitation, instantly relaxed ultra hard. )

We, like many, can find ourselves at the end of patience with the stressors of life and business. We have found it is a completely natural feeling but just a reminder that we need to take some time to ‘turn it off’.

Time off allows our brains a chance to relax and can open the doorway to fresh perspectives on past choices or can clear your mind for weighing current decisions. Time off is the ultimate power-up for improving our chances at success.

Take care of yourself and be safe out there this summer.

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