May gets a big ol’ thumbs up from us, on the beach?

Spring is in full swing and we are loving it!!! So much, we’ve picked up the , apparently, entire office and hit the road with some incredible peculiar causal wear all in an effort to set up this photo from our new beachfront multi-monitored desk. It may seem weird and rightfully so because, and brace for this, it is not even a little bit real!! This photorealistic image was generated using Midjourney from an uploaded image of Trevor and Randy ( aka, batman?) below ( batmask excluded ) with the prompt “the person on the right as batman, the person on the left as a blue shark that has googly eyes with it all taking place on the beach.” Even though Midjourney missed so many details from our prompt it still gave us, objectively, ( obviously ) absolute art.

All jokes aside; early adoption of AI related tools paired with effective implementation will increase your company’s chances of success, guaranteed.

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