Turning a ( comedy ) corner OR just stretching our legs with jellyfish inspired jokes?

It’s o-FISH-al, friends, we’ve jumped the shark with this grade school effort but who doesn’t love a good PB&J?!

If YOoUuu have a PROBLEM with peanut butter and/or JELLY…well, that’s ok ’cause maybe you got an allergy or just have other nutritional preferences and that’s ok! We completely understand they aren’t for everybody but look the point is, you’ve found yourself wrapped up in yet another installment of our limited series of posts titled “netfishes Totally Believable #funfishfacts”.

Sharks will only eat jellyfish when on a peanut butter sandwich. ( pause for laughter. )

#badjokes #funfishfacts #netfishesisthebestfishes

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