Cave Gang Pizza & Pub gave us an opportunity to reach into the world of restaurants. Not to mention one with a great atmosphere and story. Cave Gang Pizza is just located just off Historic Route 66 and is rich in Carthage, MO cave history.  The restaurant is housed inside of a long retired filing station and sits upon what is historically articled by The Carthage Press as an entrance to a large cavern beneath the city of Carthage.

Site Highlights

A static button on the bottom of the page keeps a constant reminder that the user can order online and links to the clients online order taking system.

The What’s On Tap page lists the restaurant’s current vast selection of drinks which is with Untappd.

update: As of 07/14/2019 the Untappd feature has been deprecated from the site.

The About page has many of the historic Carthage Press articles transposed from the original articles.

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