Banner for Nita Massage

Banner for Nita Massage in Carthage, MO that says 'Therapeutic Massage. Call today to schedule 417-310-0110'. Print and design by netfishes.

Thank you to Nita Design for the opportunity to create a great looking banner. Design and banner printed by netfishes.

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PRODUCT DETAILS: Available sizes: min 3ft x 4ft, max 6ft x 20ft, Material: 13 oz Scrim* on Matte or Glossy Vinyl. Print: Full Color, Single Sided. Grommets: All four corners, or every 2 feet. Banner material has a high endurance and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Scrim is commonly referred to as gauze, a type of strong, coarse cotton material made with a rectangular weave. It is a very light textile made from cotton, or sometimes flax. All of our banners are printed on fire-retardant media.

One thought on “Banner for Nita Massage

  1. Thanks for the fantastic design work and the very quick turn around time! It is definitely an eye catcher! Thanks again Trevor and netfishes!

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