Back to Spam School

Four, gridded Midjourney AI ith the mages made with the topic Check your spam , the Title Back to Spam School, and artist Cindy Sherman
Books, backpacks, and… spam? September marks the return of both students and sneaky spam messages. Sharpen your pencils and your filtering skills – class is in session, and the subject is ‘Spam 101’! ✏️ #BackToSpamSchool #EducationalFilter #CindySherman #September

Why not welcome September with a quick check of your spam folder? This is a gentle monthly reminder to from your fellow ( web ) friends in business. ( because we forget sometimes, too. )

Which image do you think fits the theme best?

DISCLAIMER: This image was generated using #midjourney #ai and is for entertainment purposes only and was generated using the following prompt: a social media image in the style of Cindy Sherman for the month of September using the topic ‘Check your spam’ and title ‘Back to Spam School’

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