What’s up with the fishes, April Edition?

Sadly, for this month’s “business health” update we have to announce that we have no new door related news but that doesn’t mean it’s been slow! Beyond taking photos that do absolutely nothing to advance our companies public appearance, we have been hard at work blowing our hair back with taxes ( mmm! frickin love taxes! 🙄 ), business building ( Lot’s of new spreadsheets. Like, a lot with so many pretty colors and functions😍. Oh, the functions! Wait, this is a professional post….let’s get back to it ), conceiving/hatching new master marketing schemes & ideas, making awesome art, and helping other businesses not only see but exceed their imagined potential. Being a business that helps other business has been an incredibly fulfilling experience and we look forward to doing so much more in the future. Power to the small business!

In addition to our ongoing ventures, we have been continuing to build our API Development Software as a Service ( SaaS) platform, Connect by netfishes. At the moment, we are in the process of wrapping the testing of and managing the launch of our very first publicly available integration for Stripe & Wave Accounting. This service currently creates Wave income and expense transactions from Stripe balance transactions for more accurate accounting. It’s been an incredibly useful tool that not only improves the scalability of our business but gives us a much clearer picture of our day to day finances.

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